What would Etoro Review you do if your TV suddenly went missing? Matt’s television has disappeared and only his dog, Popsicle, knows where it is. Popsicle refuses to give up the location unless Matt agrees to go on a series of adventures designed to show him that he can have fun without prime time programming. Tag along with Matt as he fights crime with cops, has a near death camping experience and takes on a local gang on his hilarious journey to get his television back. Release dates will be announced in the new year, but in the meantime full review you can check out the cover below.


Matt Against the World Merrill Edge is a funny comic about a 32 year old single guy who doesn't want to grow up. Use the comic links above to check out the comic strip and laugh at Matt and his dog, Popsicle, as they struggle to have fun in an adult world. Keep checking back for the release of Matt's first graphic novel, Reality Check.


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