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Matt Against the World publishes a weekly funny comic strip every Saturday covering the following topics:

coffee | work | dating | family | diet | fitness | medical | shopping | hockey | dog | music | winter | tv | life
christmas | halloween | valentine’s day | new years eve

the comic

Don’t you wish you could be a kid forever? Matt does and that’s why he refuses to grow up. All he wants to do is have fun, but the responsibilities of adulthood and his own laziness keep getting in his way. Fortunately, his dog, Popsicle, is always around to help him out. Popsicle has tons of energy and would do anything, except take a bath, to keep Matt happy. Can Matt handle work, dating, family and staying in shape without letting go of his inner kid? We can’t tell for sure, but it’s hilarious to watch him try.

the characters

Matt Madigan

Matt is a 32 year old single guy who lives with his dog, Popsicle. While most people his age are focusing on settling down with careers and families, he would rather have fun and dream of being a rock star. He refuses to give up his giant toy collection, slacks off at work, and hates putting effort into anything that isn’t fun. Hockey is his favorite sport and in his head he’s amazing at it. On the ice is a different story. The love of his life is Kelly Kay and they would make the cutest couple if he could convince her to become his girlfriend. Although he hasn’t managed to win the girl or avoid the pressures of being an adult, he’s discovered that coffee, donuts and TV are great ways to block them all out.


Popsicle is Matt’s dog and best friend. He’s cool, laid back and loves to roll in anything stinky. You won’t find a happier dog and he wants everyone else to be happy too. Since Matt is his best friend, he does whatever he can to make sure he’s enjoying life even though they don’t always agree on what’s best for him. Popsicle is full of energy and seems to love everything except taking a bath.

Kelly Kay

Kelly likes Matt, but she hasn’t decided if she wants to date him exclusively yet. She’d rather hold out for awhile to see if she can land the Doctor she’s dreamed of marrying since she was a little girl. She likes to keep her options open though, so Matt might have a small chance of winning her over someday. She’s beautiful, stylish and smart and her hobbies include running, being the center of attention and socializing with the upper crust of society.

Jackie Jones

Jackie is the girl version of Matt, so it’s not surprising that she’s hopelessly in love with him. Unfortunately, her tomboy ways have blinded Matt to the fact that she’s a real girl that he could date. He thinks of her as one of the guys even though she tries everything to get his attention. She’s cute, sporty and tons of fun to be around.

Marty Madigan

Marty is Matt’s dad and he loves doing anything that requires using tools. Unfortunately, he’s more likely to injure himself than fix things and his inventions tend to do things they weren’t supposed to. Deep down he loves Matt, but prefers to express his feelings through wisecracks, insults and questionable father/son advice.

Marcy Madigan

Marcy is Matt’s mom and while it may seem like her goal in life is to drive Matt crazy and embarrass him, she’s actually just your typical overprotective, nosy mother. Her heart is bigger than her brain and her favorite thing to do is shop, shop, shop.